Web Time and Attendance

ITCS-WebClock: Simple and easy to use cloud based web time clock software.
Web Time and Attendance, Absence Management, Online Employee Scheduling, Expense Management, Payroll Software Integration and more.

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Online Employee Scheduling

Mobile interaction and real time online employee scheduling software. Absent and late reporting to schedule.

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Absence Management Software

Employee absence tracking software for paid time off requests, sick leave, time off tracking. Automated time accrual processing.

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Expense Tracking Software

Expense tracking software for employee reimbursement.
Integrate with your payroll software and financial systems.

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Payroll Based Journal (PBJ)

Senior and Assisted Living Facilities focus more on patient care.
Utilize our CMS Payroll Based Journal Filing Services and Tools to reduce costs and gain value.

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Web Based Time and Attendance Software

What makes us different

Outstanding Service

Our most important feature is focusing on our customers. We are a leader in web based time and attendance software because of you. Day, night, weekends and holidays we are there to assist you. Our solution is not just workforce management software. It is the customer experience and the software solution which makes it outstanding.

Simple and Easy to Use

Quickly and seamlessly get your results through our intuitive time and attendance software. The web based time clock software captures punches in real-time. Employees easily request time off. A few clicks and you are ready to process payroll. Add a fingerprint time clock device to eliminate "Buddy Punching".

Growing with You

Choose the solution you need. Mix and match as stand-alone features or bundle them all. Our suite of software solutions includes web based time and attendance, time off tracking, online employee scheduling and expense tracking. Perfect for small business to large enterprises.


You are not boxed in with the ITCS-WebClock time and attendance software. Our approach is proven over the last 20 plus years in the industry. We built it knowing that not all businesses are alike. We easily craft solutions to handle your special business needs. When our competitors can't, we can, quickly and with quality.


Track and manage employees from anywhere with the web time clock software. GPS and GEO fencing by location. Job costing and holiday processing features.


Track employee schedules for the coverage you need with our online scheduling software. View time-to-schedule in real time. On-demand schedule employees with a text.


Tracking time off requests and check vacation balances easily. Text and email notifications for approvals. Automate your time off accrual rules.


Collect and accurately track mileage, bonuses, commission and more for your employees. Integrate with your payroll software and your financial systems.


Integrate directly with your payroll software. Many existing transfers to payroll providers. Customize the interface to meet your needs.

Time Collection Methods

Access the ITCS-WebClock through your smartphone, browser and tablets with the web time clock software. Optionally, mix and match employee time collection devices and platforms to accurately track employees in real time with our web based time clock software.

Simple and easy. Utilize all browser types, smartphones, computers & tablets. Real time manage your staff through the web based time clock software.

Always know who punched in by using employee fingerprint devices for verification. No more badges. Push technology.

Hand reader time clock technology, your hand becomes your badge. Industrial strength.

Simple and Easy to Work with Us

No Long-Term Contracts

We earn your business every month. Our outstanding customer service is our commitment.

Great Monthly Pricing

Feature rich at an economical price. Save 20% by paying annually. More features released regularly.

Growing with You

Easily expand your efficiencies with our advanced features as needed.

Years of Experience

ITCS-WebClock has been providing workforce management solutions and the ability to customize meeting complex client needs.

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