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ITCS WebClock: Integrated solution providing businesses with HR, payroll, benefits, and risk and compliance services. Gain access to a full suite of benefits including medical, dental and vision plans.

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WebClock Payroll Software and HR Solutions by ITCS WebClock. Complete payroll services and solutions.     Get it on Google Play

Key Features

Payroll Processing
HR Services
Tax Administration
Benefit Administration
Workers' Compensation Plans
Employee Self Service
Time and Attendance
PTO Accrual Processing
Integrated Technology
TimeOff Integration
Scheduling Integration
Payroll Integration

On-Demand Pay

Employers can have access to a no-cost-to-the-employer pay experience solution. Allow employees to access 100% to their earned income.
Web Based Time Clock Software

Key Features

Employee access 100% of their earned income
Employers can see a 50% decrease in turnover
Payroll processing as normal
Increased employee engagement
Increased employee satisfaction
Faster time to recruit
HR Integration
Payroll Integration
Time Tracking Integration
Scheduling Integration
TimeOff Integration
Expense Integration

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ITCS WebClock

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