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Real Estate, 1-10 employees

ITCS-WebClock does excel on software design, accessibility, interaction, functionality, data base accuracy, well designed broad reporting, and above all by the Top Quality of their Team Customer Excellence! If you are in the market for a Time Control Software, do not look further, as WebClock will be right there for you!


Furniture, 51-200 employees

ITCS since on boarding and now, always have the support email team, that is great. Benefits, the software is easy to use. The import feature with my Payroll company.


Insurance, 201-500 employees

The software is easy to use and it's easy for new employees to pick up. Your support team is great, very knowledgeable, responsive and a pleasure to deal with. My implementation specialist for our recent report requests was also very responsive and a pleasure to deal with.


Consumer Services, 11-50 employees

The product is very user friendly. I like the bold colors and easy to find resources on the various pages. The most impact to our organization is that the WebClock system calculates and keeps records of PTO's for us.


Health, Wellness and Fitness, 51-200 employees

It works the way I need it to work, consistently. That is a big deal when you have 140 employees in multiple states and at 6 locations. Since the switch I have been able to stop thinking about time and labor management every minute of the day. The set up and integration were easy and completed without issue and within the promised timeframe, the team at WebClock is phenomenal. Training for my staff was informative and customized to provide what we needed, when we needed it, and delivered to who we needed it delivered to. Customer Support is knowledgeable and responsive. The people behind the system have proven that they take personal responsibility for the product that they put out. They were willing to make changes within the system to accommodate some specific needs that we had and worked with me to make sure that the platform not only met but exceeded our needs and expectations. Honestly not what I expected going in, as my previous experiences in this arena have been less than stellar, it is nice to know that there are companies out there that still care about not only the product that they put out but the end user and their experience in the environment.


Medical Transcription, 4000 employees

I first began using the ITCS-WebClock for a medical transcription payroll that consisted of 1,200 employees and has now swelled to over 4,000 employees with huge success. In fact, it has been such a positive experience that we have rolled out Webclock to our German payroll for tracking their flex time and vacation time, which includes calculating their scheduled hours vs. worked hours. I can tell you the folks in Germany are a very tough group and their Works Councils are much like unions, which we have had to accommodate. We have succeeded and are now moving on to Switzerland."


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Our most important feature is focusing on our customers. We are a leader in online time and attendance software because of you. Day, night, weekends and holidays we are there to assist you. Our solution is not just time clock software. It is the customer experience and the software solution which makes it outstanding.

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Quickly and seamlessly get your results through our intuitive time and attendance software. The online time clock captures punches in real-time. Employees easily request time off. A few clicks and you are ready to process payroll. Add a fingerprint time clock device to eliminate "Buddy Punching".

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Choose the solution you need. Mix and match as stand-alone features or bundle them all. Our suite of software solutions includes online time and attendance, time off tracking, online employee scheduling and expense tracking. Perfect for small business to large enterprises.


You are not boxed in with the ITCS-WebClock time and attendance software. Our approach is proven over the last 20 plus years in the industry. We built it knowing that not all businesses are alike. We easily craft solutions to handle your special business needs. When our competitors can't, we can, quickly and with quality.

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Our teams work to configure the ITCS-WebClock to your specific business requirements.


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