Payroll Integration: What is it?

by mgossett
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So, what is payroll integration, and how can it help your company? We are glad you asked! At ITCS-WebClock, our payroll system allows you to have your human resource needs in one spot. With WebClock, your business can benefit from fully integrating time collection to include mobile device apps, web for desktop, and standalone time collection devices, including touchless time clock devices.

In our data-driven society, implementing the most efficient and effective business process has become almost a requirement in running a successful business. A fully integrated human resource payroll system allows you to streamline your operation and manage employees, payroll, and finances more effortlessly. Your employees will feel confident that their paycheck, benefits, and paid time off are being handled with the utmost care from hiring to retirement.

When you have multiple systems or software, simple tasks can take on a life of their own, causing managers to lose valuable time. Especially when your multiple systems do not communicate with each other, you are at a high risk of incorrect payroll actions or delays that only cause frustration for you and your employees.

According to a study conducted by the Society for Human Resources Management, “HR is playing catch-up when it comes to data,” and even though “83 percent of HR leaders agree that all people decisions should be based on data and analytics, just 37 percent use data to solve people management problems.”

What does this mean for you, and what is payroll integration? The vice president of research for Sierra-Cedar confirmed that “you can’t do ‘big data’ with Excel and that most organizations don’t have the newest tools and technologies to take a deeper dive into HR analytics.”

Now, how does this help your employees and your company? Let us ask Bob, our favorite security company manager!

Bob has now started using ITCS-WebClock’s Scheduling, Time Off Tracking, and On-Demand Pay software and is looking to take his payroll processes to the next step. He reached out to his sales rep to inquire about the payroll integration software and how it would help him.

To Bob’s surprise, he found that by integrating his existing payroll solution and human resource software, he could reap these benefits (plus more):

-Cost reduction by saving on labor and administrative expenses

-Less paperwork and increased efficiencies

-Consolidated reporting and streamlined updates

-Better compliance

-Improved employee experience

As explained above, integrating your payroll system creates efficiencies for your business and your employees. Why spend hours manually typing in a spreadsheet or clicking into multiple programs to complete payroll?

Contact WebClock sales today at and 888-549-5550 to integrate your human resource system into a seamless one-stop-shop!