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by mgossett
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Let us introduce you to Bob. He is a manager for a security company and manages 35 technicians. Bob dreads the holiday season for one main reason – trying to create the schedule for his team because everyone wants to be off for the holidays.

Bob’s company has not caught up with the twenty-first century, and he is forced to manually track the printed and signed time-off requests in a spreadsheet. Unfortunately for Bob, the stack of unentered requests is buried on his desk, and the schedule is due.

We have all been there and understand that a common headache for all managers is handling time-off requests from many employees. What is the best solution for Bob? Don’t worry; we have the cure!

At ITCS WebClock, our Employee Scheduling Software provides a simple and easy platform to build, manage and update employee schedules. In our previous blog, “Benefits of Automated Employee Scheduling,” we discussed what scheduling management and workforce software does and how it will benefit the employer and their employees.

How will this help Bob? Glad you asked!

Bob will quickly see who is available to work and build his schedules within minutes. He can even build auto staff scheduling based on his technician’s skills and specific job types or cost requirements. Removing the manual tracking of his employee’s requests will not only reduce his stress levels but save him valuable time.

How will this help Bob’s employees? Let us explain!

Bob’s 35 technicians will access their schedules immediately via our Scheduling App and even opt for text message notifications. They will find open shifts and swap shifts with eligible co-workers. Gone are the days of calling your coworkers and begging them to take your shift or searching frantically for a copy of your schedule.

The Society for Human Resource Management article “Self-Service Scheduling Apps Benefit Hourly Workers and Managers” discusses how “the digital revolution has benefitted many employees in the workforce” and how shift-scheduling apps have positively impacted the lives of hourly employees. They also discuss how “HR leaders and line managers can benefit from the reduced administrative workloads and help with engaging and retaining workers.”

Traditionally hourly workers are some of the last employees to benefit from a company’s investment in more modern technology. By giving these employees more control over their schedules, it allows them to become more engaged in their jobs and with their coworkers. With the ability to easily access their schedules and trade shifts, the work-life balance will inevitably shift in the employee’s favor.

As we mentioned earlier, with our Employee Scheduling Software, you will save time and stress by streamlining the tedious scheduling task. Your employees can utilize our Scheduling App to stay informed and on top of any schedule changes. We offer three different scheduling packages to fit your business needs better!

If you are ready to be as efficient as Bob, contact us today to get your quote started! 

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